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Free speech is only for Hezbollah, us plebs need not apply.

(CC'd to similar thread on UK Indymedia, etc, etc)

Wow! Went to the Council House in my town (yes, they had the meeting in a public building) tonight and discovered that, guess what? Free speech is only for people that the SWP-Hezbollah-STW agree with. If you don't think that Hezbollah are the best spokespeople for an anti-war group, you get called a cunt, physically threataned, and security guards tell you that you have to leave "for your own safety". Who would have thunk it - that Nazi saluting, racist militarists would only want free speech for themselves!

Happily I wasn't the only one, although nobody else protested in front of the council house apparently a Jewish man got inside and tried to make his feelings known (and got dragged out by security) and another veteran of leftie demos got in and asked Mr. Hezbollah what he was doing at an event protesting war when he was a spokeman for an armed militia. From little acorns large pacifist trees do grow.

I must admit I've never been a pacifist in the past but now I see the logic, in that if you support armed violence then you should be ready to answer for every single person you've killed.

That's enough from me - I can only hope that the SWP fall to bits and a genuine, inclusive anti-war movement can grow in its place - regardless of race, religion or whatever.

The war in Iraq is a horror and our troops should not be there. Anti war protestors should not be inviting racist militants to tea. Why is this even controversial?
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