spiritof76 (spiritof1976) wrote in swp_watch,

Galloway spills George Orwell's pint

Over on Counterpunch magazine there's red hot George-on-George action.

George Galloway is putting the boot into George Orwell.

John Cornford was the grandson of Charles Darwin, son of the Victorian poet Frances Cornford, and part of the golden generation of the British left who went to fight fascism in Spain. That their memory has been sullied by Orwell's slanders, unfortunately reinforced by Ken Loach's film Land and Freedom, and now lies largely forgotten on the Iberian peninsula by the progressives of the 21st century is the main reason why I am working on an historical novel, Heart of the heartless World at the centre of which is the tall handsome figure of John Cornford.

Okay, so not only accusing Orwell of perpetrating "slanders" against the International Brigades, but also criticising Ken Loach too. That'll cause some awkward silences at the next Respect meeting.

Galloway follows this with a 10 page rebuttal of Orwell's claims about the Spanish Civil War, complete with footnotes and historical sources....well, actually, no he doesn't. He just makes the usual Stalinist mutterings about slanders and whatnot. Orwell was a bit of a Trot, don't you know? He failed to understand the glorious achievements of the Soviet Union and its allies around the world.
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