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Lol, pwnz0red.

I thought some of you might like this.
A guy called Matt, who is my band's drummer's little brother and who spiritof1976 and I worked with at Reading, recalls on Facebook his little encounter with George Galloway.

We just had George Galloway talk at our Uni and he spouted his usual arrogant, contradictory and one-sided rhetoric and it was an absolute joke. When people challenged his inconsistancies and errors they were shouted out that they were wrong. He was talking about respect and peace yet when someone challenged his point of view he challenged him to "3 rounds outside because he is "not a pacifist".

It is very difficult to take the man seriously, his voting record in Parliament is quite frankly appauling. How can any self-respecting representative of the opressed muslim community of the East End of London justify this?

The sooner he leaves the realms of politics the better. The sad thing is that some people fail to see the other side of the argument and take in his sensationalism and believe in it.

I was fortunate to engage in a "discussion" with him in Waterstones, where he decided to ignore my point that the Israelis and Palestinians have both committed atrocities and that he should see things from both sides by saying that Israel is founded by terrorism so they should expect terrorism in return. When challenged on his appauling voting record he said that I was wrong and that I should read my facts because I am an "Israeli ambassador" and a "conservative". I'm glad he thinks he can label me, especially since I really don't like the Conservative Party.

What an absolute knobhead. I continued to shout at him when he stormed out of Waterstones. Apparently he wasn't happy. Hopefully it was guilt for all of the lies he has spoken!

Ha! Ha! Ha!
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